Photos - Fort Gibson Lake

June 25, 2017

Looking at the backend operation
Fort Gibson Lake View is amazing
Fish Fort Gibson
Trailers starting to backup
Setting up for a show
Got Pelican Ice?
Couldn't do it without our sponsors
Here we go
Another View
That Ford Truck looks big
Behind the scenes
Sideline view
Getting out the tanks
I think we are ready
I know we are ready
Josh and Donnie bringing the weight !!
Looks Happy with these girls !
Hard to hold 5 Bigguns.. Thanks Aaron Moore for helping out..
Waiting for the next round of anglers to come in.. 
Telling fish stories are we Brian Dossey..
Watching the scales closly
More good fish.. Worked hard all day to catch this limit.. 
Dustin West scale master deluxe. 
Willie and Elliot waiting to see if that lead will hold
Another Good Sack !!!
Winding down.. Almost Done
Winners of Ft. Gibson Lake ...