Photos - Fort Hudson Lake

June 25, 2017

Gettin Paid !!
Gangster ..
Hanging out in the shade on Hudson
Watching the Scales
Nothing like weigh-in in the shade
No you cannot run the scales Chris Hall
Beast Mode Aaron Moore
Couldnt do it without the help of great staff
Charlie Boyer looks Focused
Charlie has  some Bigguns !! 
Intense moment before reality sets in !! 
Angler Nation Baby !! 
Going for big Fish !! 
Could be a new lead.. 
Day 1 complete
More of Day 1 boats
Fishing the Angler Nation is fun !! 
Would love to be in on this conversation
Staff is busy creating a great experience
Waiting for more anglers to come in.. 
Happy Happy Happy
Never  met a check id didn't like
Bugs and a Check who doesnt like that ?
More of the same
Champion once again..